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Birding at Singing Winds

We had spent months looking for the perfect site to build our dream cottage in the hills, tired we came to the site and started comparing it to the myriad others we had seen . Suddenly on the Australian Red Cedar on the property, we saw this woodpecker, a swirl of colour! A short sprint to the car to get the photography equipment and Woody puts on a show, non stop pecking for an hour on the cedar, left, right, up and down , not bothered about the continuous clicking. We decided there and then, the hunt for the perfect site ended. Thankyou Woody!

A Rufous Bellied Woodpecker
Woody! Our friend, guide & good luck charm

Woody became our special friend and good luck charm! The hurly burly of construction completed, and we came for our first stay. Constantly worried that we've driven Woody away. Our fears confirmed as we don't see him for the first few days. And then snoozing one afternoon and suddenly one hears the steady tap-tap and lo and behold Woody is on the tree in fully glory. Exultations & high fives, Singing Winds now seems complete

Uttarakhand is known to have a wide variety of bird species with Binsar & Pangot being special birding locations. But even in Singing Winds one has been able to capture a wide variety of birds. Seems to be just the tip of the iceberg as there seem to be so many more species that abound around the cottage, sharing a few below. All of these are captured at the Cottage and on its grounds. A wonderous location for bird lovers

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