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This is a Plum posting :)

Its early June , the plum trees are bursting with fruit. Reminds me of the trees I used to draw as a kid, green with large red dots. Apart from our woodpecker Woody, the trees are also full of blue throated barbets, black headed Jays, Oriental Eyes & what have you. The colours and sounds makes for a heady cocktail.

Fresh plums ahoy!

We arm ourselves with baskets and descend on the trees, the red juice trickling down as we gorge on the plums. Satiated but not quite, we then decide to make some plum cake.

An experiment, some recipes searched on the wifi, one chosen and we are ready to cook. Lets see how the results turn out. Luckily all ingredients are readily available. Fully excited, the entire family dives into making a plum cake.

Throw everything into the oven. 175 degrees for 30 mins....the clock is ticking.

30 mins later, and we seem to have ourselves a plum cake!

Fresh plum cake, baked & ready!

Why does everything taste better in the hills? Plans are on for having baked plums on bread tomorrow for a snack, a recipe of Pamela Timms that I have been wanting to try!

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