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This temple is special to us...

On the hillock adjacent to ours, is this little slice of spirituality & peace that makes us realize the reasons that the hills are so special to us. Dedicated to Guru Goraknath, this temple is in a grove of Deodhar, Pine & Oak trees and has a stillness & calm all of its own

The temple complex has 4 main structures. An open hawan kund, the main temple, a smaller devi temple & a place for the visiting gurus to sleep

Whenever we have gone there, there has hardly been a soul around. Within the complex, you just hear the sound of the wind whistling through the trees. Their murmuring, sort of welcoming you to the sanctuary and wishing you well.

And almost, as if telling you stories of the long times past, when the snow fell thick on the ground, the trees were young but there were soo many more of them. When the same trees looked across the valley and saw their brethren on the land that now houses our cottage.

And I wonder, are they happy or are they sad, that we humans have claimed without a thought that what was once theirs......

View of the cottage from the temple

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